This article is taken from the  book Sona: healing with Wave Front BioResonance , written by Gary Buchanan, a real pioneer of cymatics research and one of the few leading authorities of Vibrational Medicine. You can get hold of the book by clicking on the link below.

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Vibrational therapy has been called “the way of the future”. Most of us working within the field of vibrational healing believe that the “future” is here, now.

Everything from music, chants, rattles, bells, singing bowls gongs, and didgeridoos have been used historically as tools for healing. Now modern researchers like the priests and shamans of the past, have been seeking to find similar, perhaps more efficacious tools for health. As a result we have a host of ‘new age’ devices, such as  tuning forks, vibrating chairs, geodesic domes with loud speakers and other innovative devices as well as traditional methods, used in what are often regarded as respected clinical applications of sound therapies. The common understanding is that sound healing is the therapeutic application of various frequencies, resonances, to bring the whole being into a state of improved harmony and health. That is, to establish proper ‘resonances’. There are a number of sound applications currently in vogue, with their related technologies all designed to treat or induce states or changes in the condition of the body. For example:-

Accelerated Learning, Acupressure, Acoustic massage, Auditory biofeedback, Bio-tuning, Hemispheric Synchronization, Drumming,  Sound Therapy, Ultra sound, Neuro-musicology, Chanting (Intoning/ Over toning) Tibetan bowls, Voice Analysis, Computerized Spectral Analysis etc.

We all know that sound is powerful and indeed a “primal force”. It is linked with the original creative emanation in the universe and we know that sound wave forms are only just vibrational states, linked to primordial light energy and generating archetypal wave formations. Sound waves are defined in physics as “three dimensional structures propagating from a common locus”. To simplify that, imagine a sound coming from a loud speaker and try to visualize a series of three dimensional “spheres” rapidly emanating from the cone. As the sound travels it spreads evenly, geometrically, forming rays and patterns in the air. It is unseen but nevertheless it is there and it can be felt and even measured. Cymatics wave form therapy, can be defined as the propagation of sound waves towards or into (via transduction) a person or biological entity, in order to induce resonance.

Since the dawn of history, healers have instinctively used Sound and vibrational therapies and many of these ancient techniques still survive, being practiced in many different ways and many different cultures. However, the science of sound vibrational healing is only in its formative stage. Researchers and practitioners throughout the world are now pioneering new frontiers in health and medicine, learning how to work harmonize with nature and bioresonant fields in order to maximize health and the capacity of the human body to better survive.

  1. Almost all sound healing technologies involve musical sound, simple tones and chords which are in no way harmful to the body. This is because of their low frequency ranges and power output, which offers a benevolent pressure wave reducing tension, pain   and fatigue. Cymatics sounds by contrast, are engineered to mimic sounds out of the normal hearing range and whilst the body recognizes them, they may not be regarded as a melodious experience. They are used in a combinatory formula that is designed to produce a specific state of resonance within a cell. By the same token, inappropriate use of certain computations may produce no effect or at worst, be hazardous. Therefore, Cymatics practitioners draw on their knowledge of anatomy and physiology and pathology as well as trial and error to produce what are often astounding results. Increasingly, kinesiology testing techniques or biofeedback instrumentation is being used to add accuracy to the selection process and proving what most of us have come to believe, that the body can tell you so much more about what it wants than any of our more conventional prescribing service.

The Human body

Within the Infrasonic range alone the human body emits up to 200 frequencies. We are consciously aware of these emissions simply because they lie below the human threshold of hearing, approximately 20 Hz, depending on one’s age and condition of the ears.

Absorbed frequencies cause the body to react and perceive in different ways. Those cycles per second lying below the range of hearing (infrasonic) may be felt, providing there is sufficient amplitude; but even if not sensed, such as Ultra Low Frequencies (ELFs) they are still producing interactions. These affect the body positively or negatively, depending on the source. If the sound is within the audible range, we generally are able to classify it according to what we know from our knowledge base of experience. Ultrasound, frequencies above 20,000 Hertz, – just as infrasound – may not be heard, but our body is responding. Again this can be positive or negative.

  1. Some biological frequencies are obvious and easily measured. For example the EEG (electroencephalogram) can help define the numerical ranges of brain waves and their related physiological and psychological relationships. Many sources of information about this are widely available. There has also been extensive documentation of frequency research in other areas of medicine. A short list includes Tran cranial Magnetic Stimulation; Stroboscopic Stimulation and Photo-Syntronics, Kinesiology, Muscle Tension Tetanus (via Electromyograms); Thermographs and Peripheral Skin Temperature; Galvanic Skin Response; Biofeedback technology;  Cardio Vascular research  (EEGs + Heart Math Research); Biochemistry; Psycho-Physics; Electro media; Binaural (Hemi-Sync®) Induction; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy; Neurofeedback; ACMOS Bioenergetics and Acupuncture/Acupressure studies. And the list goes on.

In addition, over the last century, medical researchers have delved ever more deeply into the body, discovering and assigning frequency rates and ratios to virtually every part of the organism, blood serum, hormones, cells, organs, nerves, etc. Nowadays, research is focusing on DNA/RNA resonances, diamagnetic/paramagnetic oscillations, cell wall absorption frequencies and rates of cellular bio-photonic (light) discharge (bioluminescence) Most of these studies are not made public.

  1. We also have frequencies, resonances, harmonics and ratios that have been well documented by researchers in acoustics and sound therapy, via experimentation, invention and trial and error approaches.
  2. From the end of the 18th through to the 20th Century, a list of prominent researchers including Ernst Chladni, John Keely, Nicola Tesla, Hans Jenny, Harold Saxon Burr, Royal Rife have all contributed to the study of Applied Acoustics.
  3. In the same tradition, emerged Dr. Peter Guy Manners, the inventor of Modern Cymatics Therapy and a major figure in the world of Vibrational Healing. Dr. Manners is recognized for his primary research into the computations of the frequencies rates of the human body. He developed over 800 “control tones” and combination patterns that have not only proven beneficial in healing, but may be viewed as dynamic two and three dimensional forms in space, for example, on vibrating plates, in various fluids and/or water.

Meissner and Pacinian Corpuscles:

Near the surface of the organic body we know that tissues have the capacity to transduce sound and or pressure waves into electrical stimuli, via the Meissner (near skin surface). Or Pacinian (deeper lying) Corpuscles (mechanoreceptors). The sensitive frequency range of these transducing cells is believed to lie between 50 and 800 Hz. In addition, at the lowest range of the epidermis are located Merkl Cells – also sensitive to sound stimulation.

Aside from the skin, we receive or perceive sonic frequencies via bone induction. For example, there are new inventions designed to specifically resonate not only with the bones of the cranium, but with the entire skeleton structure. A vibration plate, designed by Russian scientists for use in Space projects, was developed to help maintain bone and muscle strength. The vibrational rates were set to deliver specific infrasonic frequencies to each muscle group in order to enhance fiber strength, patterning and overall function, as well as stimulate lymph and cardio vascular  systems. At the same time, the infrasound affects midbrain function – in that it stimulates the production of endorphins and other hormones. In other words, it produces a whole body workout, tightens the Abs and gives the user a natural chemical high all in the time span of 10 minutes. (Turbosonic®) Russian Engineers had developed a machine that successfully allowed them to keep cosmonauts in space three times longer than the US equivalent, without any deterioration in bone or muscle mass. Such ‘vibration training machines are now in popular use in Europe and the United States.

Of course the organ most obviously responsive to sound is the human ear. The ear governs a person’s sense of balance, rhythm and movement and as such is a conductor for the entire nervous system. Various technologies have been introduced to, for example, binaural pulsations (different tones affecting different brainwaves) and Auricular therapies using acupoint stimulation on the auricles of the external ear, and especially composed music.

Through the medulla, the auditory nerve connects with all other parts of the body, affecting muscle tone, equilibrium, flexibility and vision and the vagus nerve, with inner ear connections is linked to the larynx, heart, lungs, stomach liver, bladder and kidneys etc. While it is generally believed that high frequency sounds (3.000 Hz plus) are best for activation of brain and cognitive functions, thinking, perception, focus and concentration for instance (Dr. Alfred Tomatis-), accumulating research indicates that it may actually be the lower or infrasonic (extra or ultra low frequencies) that have equal or greater potential for efficacy in whole body healing.

Regardless of the acoustical range employed, the fundamental understandings within sound therapy are that

1)      Every object has frequencies/ vibrations that are inherent to its natural, optimum condition. All matter can be viewed as pulsations of energy, from the sub atomic wave and particle levels to the larger standing wave fields and nodal formations of galaxies.

2)      The energy is emitted and/ or absorbed by virtually all energetic bodies and

3)       That the signature frequencies of an object determine its function and essential relationship to all other objects. Absence of these vibrations, forming as standing waves leads to the cessation of life.

Thus we have innumerable vibratory patterns. Vortexial as well as Centrifugal and Centripetal  and dynamic functions and there are researchers working on new ways to interface with those wave formations, patterns and behaviors through sound or thermal waves of pressure. Second to that we get the electro-magnetics, light, Colour and other vibrational healing modalities.

Signature Frequencies

All parts of the body have signature frequencies, e.g. the nerves, brain, and its parts, tissues, cells, organs and glands. Even the DNA/ RNA, Meridians, Chakras, the electrical fields and aura, etc…. No part is left out within this holistic conceptualization.

How are these frequencies obtained or determined? This is the core concern amongst researchers and therapists working in the vibrational healing community. It is simply not possible to induce a proper frequency or resonance within the body unless we know exactly what tone or chord, harmonic series or computation has been confirmed as beneficial or optimally efficacious to begin with. Therefore, scientists study the research of others. For example the history of acoustical science, Cymatics vibrational therapeutics and a veritable range of related subjects within the field of “energy medicine”

Contemporary scientific researchers in the specific field of sound healing are well known amongst alternative health practitioners. Some of the more prestigious names are Fritz Albert Popp (German Biophysicist) Robert O Becker; the Indian endocrinologist C V Krishnan and James L Oschmann. Thus the more direct Cymatics tradition continues and therapists have multiple resources to pursue in search of specific frequencies and resonances relating to biological and psychological well being of human beings.

Direct Cymatics Application:

The methods employed at Quantum Change, incorporate the use of proven Cymatics frequencies and light and Colour, essential oils and homeopathy. We draw on a wide range of naturopathic substances, for their frequency value and use an assessment process that identifies the body’s priority needs in terms of frequencies. Most treatments are situated in a private treatment room. We use a Cyma Therapy unit with various applicators that are applied directly to parts of the body or emitted via a mattress which has multiple sound amplifiers embedded in it. The process identifies a list of Bioresonance frequencies for transduction or induction and most patients find the treatment relaxing and revitalizing.


If anyone including myself were seriously ill or injured, I would not hesitate to call on medical help. Medical help and regular check ups are obviously important and can produce diagnoses or prognoses that need to be acted upon. It’s the same with dentistry. If you lose a filling, consider visiting a dentist. They have an important role to play in maintaining health. Another point to consider is that many sound healing technologies involve ‘musical sound’ Cymatics is not music in the traditional sense. They are sounds outside our normal perception and when well orchestrated, produce a natural resonance with the different cells of the body.  Cymatics frequencies are intended to reproduce the signature sounds of the particular organ, tissue, gland or function in the body and as such help re-establish its original form.

On the other hand, the frequencies currently obtained and utilized by a great many commercial sound therapists, along with the applied technologies, are derived from sources not so scientific. I note this, not as a criticism, more as a statement of fact. While many of these practitioners are quite sincere, and often inspired, there are some whose frequency listings and therapeutic approaches are based more on speculation and limited understandings in biophysics, rather than grounded in one or more of the applicable Acoustic disciplines or schools of vibrational healing.

Part of the problem, with many would be healing techniques lies with a poorly informed or limited understanding of the underlying scientific principles governing wave forms or Bioresonance. On the one hand, we have academicians and licensed medical professionals, researchers and their financial sponsors, mainly concerned with patents, proprietary and corporate interests, copyrights etc and on the other hand practitioners wanting to know more about the treatment outcome and less about the physics. In addition, this is not helped by the rising costs of health care, ‘public indemnity’ and prevalence of traditional interventions.

The first rule of medicine is “first do no harm”. Thus a trained healer will know the boundaries of care and make sure that as much as possible they at least do some good.

Traditional medicine, by using drugs, attempts to effect change at a molecular level, by changing the vibratory rate of the cells. In allopathic medicine, if a drug does not improve the condition of the body, escalating levels of intervention are generally applied, say radiation or surgery. Such interventions fail to take account of the quantum matrix or the myriad of vibratory approaches that constitute a more direct link with the whole body’s resonances. In addition, there are thousands of conditions that traditional medicine cannot fully address.

Alternatively, vibrational healers have discovered that sonic, frequencies (vibration or pressure waves) applied in combinational arrays, at various amplitudes and or angles, using transduction methods not only alleviate minor physical problems but can significantly improve even the most critical condition – often leading to a complete recovery. These computations, can induce a state of beneficial resonance or harmony within a specific cell for instance, alter a brain wave state or to create regenerative energy in place of a debilitated (dissonant) wave pattern.

Perhaps the day will come when we can actually diagnose illnesses with sound. To some extent this is already being done, for example with ultrasound scanning, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and electro dermal skin testing. So, can you imagine a time when it is possible to take any chemical drug, say penicillin, determine its vibratory values and effects within the body and then reproduce the signature to transduce it into the body? And would this produce more of the benefits and less of the side effects? Dr. Manners has already initiated this research and designated the frequency computations for Morphine, Cortisone, Vitamins, Beta Endorphins, Progesterone, Bach Flower Remedies and many other medicinal type substances.

Sound therapies are perceived as non invasive and work not only with the immediate physiological conditions, but also with subtle energies, fields and higher body potentials of the multi-dimensional Entity. As importantly, using frequencies of light and colors, treatments are even more effective. A therapeutic combination of say, Cymatics, light, Colour waves and bio energetic testing can perform what sometimes may appear to be miracles.

The second edition of SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIOresonance is now available.  Published in late July, 2008, the text has been thoroughly edited and now contains additional “Prefaces” by Dorinne Davis and Ileana Isfan. In just eight months the text has become something of an “underground international best-seller” among vibrational healers on all major continents! In Japan, where the book is now being translated, clinics are being established — using SONA as the training manual! Under completely non-profit auspices — we are also now meeting with leading researchers and designers, i.e., the Sona Working Group, to build new, inexpensive, units and tools for SONA applications of sound, color, and light. Consciousness is spreading!

Gary and his team of researchers are continuing in the footsteps of Sir Peter Manners and others,helping to make vibrational medicine and cymatics more available and better understood. To find out more, visit their forum and please consider buying the Book. Grace